Wedding Video Images Services and Packages

Our Wedding Packages:

Silver Package:
Fully edited video coverage of your ceremony and reception so you can now sit back, relax and be a guest at your own wedding! Includes Digital Editing, Digital Titles, Music Soundtrack, and, if desired, personal messages from family and friends.

Gold Package:
Our most popular package! A beautiful and exciting package that includes all the features of the silver package plus

  • "Magic Moments" segment - combines highlights of your day in slow motion, special effects and music to present a very romantic and touching close to your wedding video
  • Royal Package:
    This surprisingly affordable package includes all the features of the Gold Package plus:

    • Original unedited master tape containing all the footage that was actually shot on your wedding day but may not have been included in your edited version
    • a beautiful wedding storage case for your DVDs.

    We also customize a package designed just for you! Call us at (516) 935-6053 or email us today





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    Our Services include:

    1. The making of a beautiful Video Montage from your old photos:
      This makes a terrific gift. Options include: Family History Montage, Biography Montage, Love Story Montage, and many more.

    2. Making Still Photographs from any scene from your video:
      Any frame from your home videos can be converted to a beautiful still photo that you can share with others or add to your photo album.

    3. Video Editing:
      Your home videos or business video projects can have a professional polish with added titles, music and effects.

    4. Transfer your video to DVD:
      Preserve your memories on a digital disc with superior picture resolution and convenient navigating features. On your Deluxe DVD,images and names are beautifully integrated into the screen graphics. Just point and click to immediately access your favorite scenes! Be sure to ask us about this new and exciting service!

    5. We can videotape any Personal or Business event - seminar, recital, meeting, convention, Click here for more information!

    Questions about our services? Call us at (516) 935-6053, fill out our online form or email us today!